Victoria Harbour  - DIY Scratch-Painting Kit

Victoria Harbour - DIY Scratch-Painting Kit

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Victoria Harbour is a harbour, seaport and seaplane airport in the Canadian city of Victoria, British Columbia that serves as a cruise ship and ferry destination for tourists and visitors to the city and Vancouver Island. 


RELAX, create and develop your ability to scratch-paint with this therapeutic art-canvas the Scratch-Night View scratchboard - a black-coated Eco-friendly velvety carbon film palette.

Using the wooden stylus, simply trace-and-scratch the lines to reveal the brilliant colors outlined beneath to creating this unique night-view-scene. Carry-on with your imagination to complete.

SIZE:  16in x 11in (L x W)


1 - Colorful Scratch-Night View scene palette (16in x 11in)

1 - DIY blank to free-style Scratch Drawing Board palette (16in x 11in)

1 - Gift Envelope packaging (16in x 11in)

1 - wood stylus pen